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Fact360 launches Arabic Entity Extraction tool

FACT360 is proud to announce they have launched the Arabic Entity Extraction tool to support large complex investigations and be an early warning sign for its clients to mitigate against Insider Threats. The FACT360 ACC tool allows the classification of Arabic...

From Bletchley Park to the Modern Age of Cybersecurity

The journey of cybersecurity has traversed through history, evolving from the codebreakers of Bletchley Park to the cutting-edge AI-powered solutions of today. Fact360, a leader in advanced technology, bridges this historical continuum, drawing inspiration from the...

Unravelling the Mystery of Unsupervised Machine Learning

Machine learning has transformed industries, but the term can still be shrouded in mystery. Fact360, a trailblazer in advanced technology, demystifies the power of unsupervised machine learning. With innovative solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fact360...

Fact360: Enhancing Investigations with Temporal Data Analysis

Understanding the chronological sequence of events is paramount when it comes to investigations. Fact360, a pioneering force in the realm of data analysis, introduces a game-changing element to the investigative process: temporal data analysis. Through the power of...

Stay Ahead of Financial Crime with Fact360’s Proactive Solutions

In today's ever-connected digital world, the battle against financial crime has reached new heights of complexity. Criminal tactics are becoming more sophisticated, and businesses must be equally agile in their defence strategies. Enter Fact360, a trailblazing force...

Revolutionising Asset Recovery with Cutting-Edge Technology

The pursuit of asset recovery in the face of financial crime is a complex and critical endeavour. As illicit activities evolve, so must the strategies to reclaim lost assets. Fact360 emerges as a trailblazer in this pursuit, leveraging advanced technology to...


“The FACT360 platform is a highly sophisticated and effective investigation tool – Indeed the most advanced I have worked with.  The team behind it are hugely supportive with their training and adaptive to a client’s specific requirements.  The information they can extract (and the variation of formats) appears to be endless!”

Lady Milbank
Global Head of Clients Relations. Lancelot Central Ltd.


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