AI and unsupervised Machine Learning finds your critical information

Process emails, messages or documents

Insights impossible to achieve in other ways

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Using the latest AI and unsupervised machine learning technology to analyse communication networks, FACT360 uncovers information that is critical to your organisation or investigation – generating results that are impossible to achieve in other ways.

The team behind Fact360 are hugely supportive with their training and adaptive to a client’s specific requirements. The information they can extract (and the variation of formats) appears to be endless.

Lancelot Central
  • Analyse communication flows and networks to uncover critical information
  • Millions of emails, messages and documents processed in real-time
  • AI and ML analysis identifies key individuals, documents and events
  • Customisable dashboards provide actionable insights
  • Identify exceptional activity without the need for user-defined rules or custom configuration.
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  • Early warning system to identify threats as they arise
  • Find key evidence during historical investigations
  • Identify key individuals based on activity, not intuition
  • A rational basis on which to take strategic decisions
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Oculus Financial Intelligence

FACT360 allows us to identify the key documents and individuals much faster so we can spend more time looking at what’s important and uncovering the evidence.

Oculus Financial Intelligence

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Process data from multiple sources and formats


Unsupervised Machine Learning with no need for user-defined rules or custom configuration


Identify key individuals, documents and events


Real-time monitoring or historical investigation
Customisable dashboards show actionable insights
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Uncover the ‘unknown



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