Insider Threats Exposed: How Fact360 Safeguards Organisations from Within

Aug 14, 2023

The dangers of insider threats within organisations are ever-present and can wreak havoc on both reputation and financial stability. As businesses strive to protect their valuable assets, Fact360 emerges as a vital guardian against the covert dangers that lie within. Through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovative technologies, Fact360 empowers organisations to detect and mitigate insider threats with unparalleled precision.

Unmasking the Insider Threat Landscape

Insider threats can come from trusted individuals with access to sensitive information, making them a formidable challenge. Fact360’s approach to combating insider threats goes beyond conventional methods. By leveraging AI and unsupervised machine learning, Fact360 analyses vast data streams, unveiling hidden patterns that may indicate malicious intent.

The Power of Proactive Detection

Traditional security measures often focus on external threats, leaving organisations vulnerable to threats originating within their ranks. Fact360’s AI-driven solutions enable proactive detection of unusual behaviours and activities, ensuring that potential insider threats are identified before they escalate. This proactive stance empowers organisations to prevent breaches and safeguard their data from unauthorised access.

Customised Solutions for Comprehensive Protection

Every organisation has unique needs when it comes to security. Fact360 recognises this diversity and offers customised solutions that align with specific industry requirements and risk profiles. Whether protecting intellectual property, customer data, or financial information, Fact360’s AI adapts to an organisation’s environment, tailoring its insights to address specific insider threat challenges.

Collaborating with Leading Minds

Fact360’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its collaboration with leading experts in the field. The platform’s foundation is built upon the expertise of professionals from Goldsmith’s University, including the acclaimed Dr John Mark Bishop. This collaborative approach ensures that Fact360’s solutions are both cutting-edge and grounded in academic rigour.

Embracing a Secure Future with Fact360

As insider threats become increasingly sophisticated, the need for advanced solutions has never been more critical. Fact360 is a beacon of security, offering organisations the tools to stay ahead of potential insider threats and protect their valuable assets.


Fact360’s AI-powered approach redefines how organisations tackle insider threats. Fact360 empowers organisations to fortify their security measures and navigate the complex landscape of insider threats by providing early detection, customised solutions, and collaborative expertise.

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories from Fact360 as we continue to lead the charge in safeguarding organisations from within.