Legal Sector

FACT360 transforms Early Case Assessment (ECA) using AI and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to quickly isolate the core documents and individuals related to a case.  It puts legal teams in control of the data enabling accurate scoping of projects and the opportunity to reduce eDiscovery costs by 90%.

Traditional ECA is limited by an investigator’s knowledge of a case and knowing the relevant searches to perform. FACT360 removes these limitations and its underpinning AI and unsupervised Machine Learning technology identifies the key documents, individuals and events without the need for searching or establishing rules. From the investigator’s point of view, they can discover the ‘unknowns unknowns’ that exist within a corpus of data without any specialist knowledge of the case.

Discovery costs are often the most significant costs of litigation as the levels of data processed mean costs escalate very quickly. FACT360 removes 90% of the data that needs to be processed during eDiscovery so costs are reduced dramatically. And because it isolates the critical information legal teams can make informed decisions regarding their overall strategy of whether to seek a settlement or to proceed to trial.

  • Reduce eDiscovery costs by 90%
  • AI and unsupervised ML will identify the ‘unknown unknowns’ within the data
  • Analyse documents from multiple sources and all common formats- email, instant messaging apps, pdfs
  • Identify key documents and relevant individuals within hours
  • Accurately scope projects
  • Informed decisions – early settlement or proceed to trial?

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