Fact360: Enhancing Investigations with Temporal Data Analysis

Aug 24, 2023

Understanding the chronological sequence of events is paramount when it comes to investigations. Fact360, a pioneering force in the realm of data analysis, introduces a game-changing element to the investigative process: temporal data analysis. Through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovative technology, Fact360 empowers businesses and investigators to unravel intricate timelines, bringing unparalleled insights to the forefront of investigations.

Unveiling Insights Through Time

Temporal data analysis delves beyond isolated data points, focusing on the chronological relationship between events. Fact360’s advanced AI algorithms sift through vast datasets, identifying patterns, anomalies, and connections that traditional analysis might overlook. By examining events within their temporal context, investigators gain a deeper understanding of causality, intent, and hidden correlations.

An Asset to Diverse Investigations

Fact360’s temporal data analysis holds immense value across various industries and scenarios. Whether it’s fraud detection, incident response, compliance checks, or identifying behavioural patterns, the technology’s ability to incorporate time as a critical dimension enhances the accuracy and comprehensiveness of investigative outcomes.

Powering Informed Decision-Making

In investigations, accurate decision-making is often time-sensitive. Fact360’s temporal data analysis empowers investigators to make swift and informed choices by presenting a holistic view of events. This comprehensive perspective ensures that investigators can follow the trail of evidence, track suspicious activities, and ultimately arrive at well-founded conclusions.

Collaborative Innovation

Fact360’s commitment to innovation is bolstered by collaboration with experts in the field. By working alongside specialists from Goldsmith’s University, including the esteemed Dr. John Mark Bishop, Fact360 combines cutting-edge technology with academic rigour. This collaboration ensures that the temporal data analysis technology is both practical and ground breaking.

Empowering Future Investigations

As investigations become more complex, the need for innovative tools becomes ever more pronounced. Fact360’s temporal data analysis stands at the forefront of investigative innovation, enabling professionals to delve deeper into timelines and uncover critical insights that drive successful outcomes.


Fact360’s temporal data analysis redefines how investigations unfold, offering a unique vantage point into chronological relationships and hidden patterns. By utilising AI and temporal analysis, Fact360 empowers investigators to make more informed decisions and arrive at accurate conclusions that stand up to scrutiny.

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories from Fact360 as we continue to lead the way in leveraging temporal data analysis for enhanced investigations.