Procurement Sector

Identifying financial impropriety or unethical procurement using existing methods is challenging as audits only examine the known operational environment.  It means organisations tend to discover what they already know.  And as companies generally only have between 50% – 80% of their spend ‘under management’,  with complete visibility and compliance in terms of sourcing, purchase orders, invoices, fulfilment and contracts, it means tens of billions of dollars are spent every year with varying levels of scrutiny. 

FACT360 helps reveal the hidden buying behaviour that is taking place in an organisation by examining the systems that are a manifestation of the organisation itself – the communication network. 

Carrying out a communication network audit it is possible to identify anomalous procurement behaviour and provide an early warning system highlighting all aspects of bad buying whether it involves financial impropriety, favouritism towards certain suppliers or existential reputational threats such as using child labour or ‘sweat shops’.

The analysis generates a network diagram of who is talking to whom showing key relationships and levels of communication.  If appropriate, it is also possible to examine the data further and analyse the content of communication with all ‘out of the ordinary’ communication and behaviour flagged automatically.

  • Maintain ethical procurement standards and protect organisations from unethical procurement and unethical financial practices.
  • Identify unethical procurement behaviour when it occurs.
  • Carry out effective internal audits to detect unethical procurement and deter future unethical financial practices.