How Does Santa Decide Who’s On The Naughty or Nice List?

Dec 19, 2022

With only a few days before Christmas, we want to find out how Santa decides who’s on the nice list and who is on the naughty one. Santa has a lot of things to keep track of. He knows all the children in the world by name, their favourite toys, when they’ve been bad or good… and yet he still has to check his lists every night.

So how does Santa do it? Well, this year, he’s got some help. He’s turning to Santa’s Big Data Software, powered by Fact360. He is using machine learning technology to crunch the numbers for him, and he can make sure that the lists are as accurate as possible.

How does this technology benefit him?

  • Reduces time to focus on other essential tasks 
  • He supports his Elves, who no longer have those complex decisions and occasionally makes mistakes about the list (oops)
  • Santa can use customised filters and performance criteria to get super-specific results. 

So this Christmas Eve, while Santa is enjoying his well-deserved rest in the sleigh, you can be sure his Big Data Software will ensure everyone who should gets a very Merry Christmas!

With the rise of machine learning technology, who knows what Santa will be able to automate next year? 

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