Register for Webinar: Prevent & Detect Market Manipulation

Jun 18, 2021

Sign up to our webinar on Tuesday 6 July (11am UK) to to learn how intelligence tools are used to prevent and detect market manipulation.

The joint webinar with Oculus Financial Intelligence will feature an in-depth look at how the FACT360 platform was used to investigate a market manipulation fraud.

In the webinar you will learn:

  • How AI and ML were used to investigate a long-term market manipulation fraud when traditional eDiscovery could not provide meaningful analysis
  • How to use ‘The Intelligence Cycle’ in Early Case Assessment
  • How 1 million communications and 300gb of largely unstructured data was analysed
  • How the key individuals, events and documents were identified within weeks
  • How eDiscovery costs were reduced by tens of thousands of pounds

Register for the webinar here:
Tuesday 6 July (11am UK)