Professor Mark Bishop Joins FACT360

FACT360, UK based AI and unsupervised Machine Learning pioneers, is delighted to announce Professor (Emeritus) Mark Bishop joins the company on a permanent basis as Chief Scientific Adviser.

For the last 12 years Mark has been Professor of Cognitive Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London where he also headed up TCIDA (The Centre for Intelligent Data Analytics) applying AI to business processes and notably pioneering AI for fraud detection and B2B e-procurement.

Mark joins his former TCIDA colleagues Dr John Howroyd, Dr Andrew Martin and Abdelkrim Alfalah at FACT360 as the company makes the techniques they developed together commercially available.

After John Howroyd co-founded FACT360, I have acted as a consultant to the company so I have seen the progress that has already been made as well as the potential for the company to be very successful.  With the academic grounding and commercial expertise that also exists within the company, it feels like a unique opportunity and the right time to leave academia and join FACT360 on a permanent basis.

Professor Mark Bishop

Mark has unimpeachable academic credentials publishing over 200 papers in the field of Cognitive Computing addressing its theory, application and philosophical foundations. He is also former chair of AISB, the world’s oldest society for the study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour and has advised the United Nations, the European Commission and the UK Parliament on ‘AI Policy’.

Mark has been instrumental in developing the techniques we use and it’s great to have him on board in a permanent capacity.  His credentials speak for themselves and our customers should be excited that as our Chief Scientific Adviser, Mark will ensure we continue pioneering AI and unsupervised Machine Learning to make them more efficient and effective.

FACT360, co-founder, Paddy Lawton

Mark Bishop said, “It’s an exciting time for the sector and I’m delighted to be able to apply my experience in practical ways.  We are offering organisations access to leading-edge AI techniques that solve real problems and will improve their businesses – whether it’s identifying insider threats, streamlining e-discovery or making their teams more effective.” 


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