Employees’ ‘Prestige’ shows their true worth

FACT360, UK based AI and unsupervised Machine Learning pioneers, today launch Prestige, a bias-free solution for identifying the real key personnel in an organisation.

Using leading-edge AI techniques to analyse email flows, Prestige identifies the key individuals in an organisation based on their levels of communication and with whom they are communicating.
Emails are processed in real-time giving organisations an invaluable tool to understand their most critical resource – their workforce.

This analysis can prove invaluable to organisations who want to mitigate risk. Creating a fact-based model allows organisations to identify their key individuals based on activity, not intuition, and brings a rationale to strategic decisions such as specifying Key Person Insurance cover or restructuring.

Individuals are assigned a numerical value calculated recursively based on their communication patterns. This value can be seen as a proxy for their ‘prestige’ within the organisation reflecting the volume of communication they receive and the ‘prestige’ of the people from whom they receive messages.

The techniques are inspired by George Welchman’s renowned work at Bletchley Park during the second world war analysing enemy communication patterns. Welchman’s analysis shows it is possible to gain valuable insight from analysing communication flows without knowing the content of messages themselves.

FACT360’s, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder John Howroyd said, “When we began applying Welchman’s techniques to modern communication networks we realised the potential for many business applications. It’s a really interesting way for organisations to analyse their own data to better understand their workforce, and now Prestige makes this analysis broadly available.”

As the analysis only considers the communication flows without analysing message contents, it provides business leaders with an objective model of their organisations based on what people do, rather than what they say.

FACT360’s, CEO and co-founder, Paddy Lawton said, “We are delighted to be bringing our first product to market today. Prestige is a fantastic entry point for organisations considering how to use AI to uncover the knowledge that exists in their own data. FACT360 specialises in unsupervised Machine Learning meaning users do not even need to know what to search for and insights are revealed automatically.”

Prestige is the first of a series of products FACT360 will be launching this year all using AI and unsupervised Machine Learning to discover critical knowledge that exists in communication networks. FACT360 Forensics is a solution for fraud and insider-threat investigations and eDiscovery+ uses AI and ML to take eDiscovery to the next level.

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