Introducing The Corporate Investigation Skills Academy

Oct 18, 2022

Created by Neil Fletcher, the Corporate Investigation Skills Academy Programmes have been designed to help individuals and businesses develop in the investigative market and/or improve their interviewing skills within investigations. 

Neil Fletcher has a long history working in the investigation professions, working with iconic brains, and conducting and overseeing investigations in over 100 countries.

Neil now shares his wealth of knowledge and skills through his academy programme to help aspiring investigators, no matter their present life or financial situation. His programmes provide many benefits, including practical skills that can be used in the workplace, and training, designed to help you begin a career.

If you want to join one of Neil’s free monthly, live, and interactive sessions, you can register here;

All paid-to-enrol programmes include:

  • Live & interactive modules
  • Video & audio presentations
  • Workbooks
  • Accessible recordings
  • Transcripts
  • Live Q&A with Neil
  • Live meet the experts
  • Your Community

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