We are proud to announce our partnership with The Cotswold Group – a collaboration for the fight against fraud.

Apr 5, 2022

[The leading investigations provider to the financial services industry] The Cotswold Group has joined forces with the cutting-edge investigative platform in FACT360 – bringing real-time visibility to corporate Risk & Compliance through a robust system to safeguard your business against internal fraud, governance-or policy breaches. 

Powered by the FACT360’s genuine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) platform, The Cotswold Group can help your teams increase both pre-emptive and reactive identification of offending and misuse – saving time, resources and above all, brand reputation.

“We at FACT360 are delighted to collaborate and partner with The Cotswold Group, the UK’s market-leading investigation and intelligence service. They have given the team here at FACT360 real validation and truly global coverage of our leading-edge technology in Financial Crime Prevention. This opportunity to work with Matthew Cantle and his team is very exciting as we bring market-leading offerings into the Insurance/ Financial markets and beyond” – Paddy Lawton, Co-founder of FACT360.

“The team at FACT360 are bringing something new to the fight against fraud and risk. We have been impressed by just how easy their email traffic analysis solution can be implemented. It allows insurers to develop a proactive rather than reactive strategy around internal fraud and data theft through the compliant analysis of large quantities of communication data.” – Matthew Cantle, Managing Director The Cotswold Group 

For further information about The Cotswold Group, please follow the link: Communications Traffic Analysis or email us at [email protected]