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Whether you are considering real-time insider-threat monitoring; looking to take your disclosure analysis to the next level or establish a fact-based model of your organisation, FACT360’s solutions will uncover the critical information in your communication network:

Who are speaking to whom…

What are they saying…

When are they saying it…

FACT360 Forensics

Widely used in fraud and insider threat incidents, Forensics can act as an early warning system to identify risks as they arise but also be used to find key evidence during an investigation into a specific event.

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PreDiscovery+ is the next level in Early Case Assessment analysing tens of thousands of items from multiple sources to identify the key documents and individuals within hours.

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FACT360 Prestige

Prestige identifies the most critical people in your organisation. Underpinned by techniques that gain valuable insight analysing information flows without analysing the content of the emails themselves.

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