The science bit…how FACT360 works

The information flows circulating throughout an organisation have been shown to be a virtual manifestation of the organisation itself.  And analysing this communication network produces insights that are impossible to achieve in other ways. 

Transactional Analysis

Every piece of communication is a ‘transaction’, and Transactional Analysis science shows it is possible to generate detailed insights by analysing the information flows themselves without analysing the content of any communication. In other words, what people do is as important as what people say.

Language Processing

FACT360 builds on this knowledge by applying Natural Language Processing techniques alongside Transactional Analysis to uncover more detail by grouping items, such as emails and messages, that share characteristics.

Identifying change

Applying our own Breakout Detection algorithms identifies any changes that occur and, uniquely in the market, we can identify anomalies and behaviour that differs from the historical norm.

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